WXBQ Morning Team Wins Top Honors at Country Music Awards | WJHL


BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – Many country music fans in the Tri-Cities commute to listen to WXBQ’s Morning Air show, and their loyalty has earned the team one of radio’s top honors .

Personalities Steve, Ben and Nikki provide updates on current events, an overview of events from the world of country music, and lots of laughs all morning.

Earlier this year, the Morning Show crew won an ACM award for their on-air work, which is a great honor. However, in recent weeks, they’ve been made aware of their CMA nomination for “Personality of the Year,” something co-host Nikki Thomas told News Channel 11 is one of the top honors they’ve ever had. you can get in the world of radio.

“This is the greatest prize you can get on radio. This is it, this is it. If you work in country radio this is what you are looking for and I am very happy with it, ”Thomas said.

The trio were told via email that if they were the winners, officials would call soon to break the news. Thomas said it was a waiting game, and she finally gave up and continued with her day until she heard a commotion coming from the cabin.

Thomas said his team not only responded to a call saying they won the “Small Market Radio Personality of the Year” award, but the call came from country artist Carly Pierce.

Pierce took home the female singer of the year award at Thursday’s awards show and is a big name in the industry. She was able to break the news to one of her favorite stations.

“She (Pierce) told me that WXBQ was one of her favorite stations and that she was serious, I couldn’t believe it,” Thomas said.

The trio spent the week in Nashville exploring the city and even hanging out at the home of country superstar Jason Aldean before the ceremony.

It’s the first time they’ve won the Personality of the Year award, and Thomas said it wouldn’t have been possible without their loyal listeners.

“It means the world to us, that’s what it’s about, that’s why we do what we do. Being able to represent the Tri-Cities at this level is very humbling, ”said Thomas.


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