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Classical music had a 1% market share in recent statistics, according to display panel / Nielsen, placing it 12th out of 12 genres. In a world filled with long-lost composers like Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi or Beethoven, an old concert label, and an ever-aging audience, it can seem impossible for new classical artists to innovate. But even within the long-lasting and enduring classical music bubble, new ideas certainly continue to thrive and flourish.

Even when we step away from the very exclusive world of classical music, we all continue to see how classical music continues to inspire traditional artists, new and old. The popular ’80s band Abba could be considered a very good example of this, considering how they pay tribute in their new album to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake in their song Ode to freedom, corresponding to the standard 4/4 bar often preferred by pop musicians.

It’s no surprise, either, that the Classic FM Hall of Fame has elevated John Williams to the most famous living composer today. Responsible for the sheet music of Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and Star Wars, among many others, the 89-year-old composer is a symbol of how classical music continues to grow and evolve, capturing audiences. worldwide .

Classical music is sure to be very much alive, and bringing in new ideas continues to remain a valuable goal for young classical artists. Based in london violinist Rebeca Nuez Suarez is one of them.

A world filled with musical influences

Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Spanish violinist was exposed to music from the age of three. His father began his musical training, which began at the age of three, but Nuez Suarez found himself studying the violin alongside his uncle at the age of six.

Rebecca Nuez Suarez grew up in a family of professional artists. Her parents took advantage of their free time to explore the rich traditional musical culture of the islands, while her uncle and aunt are members of the Orquesta Filarmónica de Gran Canaria. His early musical education earned him his first public stage appearance at the age of seven. Therefore, she is encouraged to perform regularly in public. At fourteen, Nuez Suarez made his solo debut under the direction of Zdzislaw Tytlak with the Joven Orquesta de Gran Canaria.

A breath of fresh air on the classical stage

The passion that Rebeca Nuez Suarez shows for her profession is undeniable. She has publicly expressed her interest in making classical music more accessible to a wider audience, a goal she has linked to her own studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where she is currently undertaking doctoral research.

She became the first classical Spanish musician to appear on Vevo, in 2019, with her music video The Furies, offering a brilliant interpretation of the fourth movement of the famous sonata for second violin by Belgian composer and violinist Eugène Ysaÿe. One year before, in 2018, his recording of the piece Only, written by Spanish composer Laura Vega, was also the first recording of this piece to be released internationally on all mainstream digital platforms.

Two more clips are expected soon: After a dream, in which she performs Après un Rêve, a piece by French composer Gabriel Fauré, and German, featuring his interpretation of the first movement of JS Bach’s second partita for solo violin.

An international journey

There was never really any doubt that Rebeca Nuez Suarez would end up leaving Spain and the paradisiacal Canary Islands where she comes from to continue her studies abroad. The city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, was his first destination. After a year of training at the Codarts University of the Arts under the tutelage of the Soviet teacher Natasja Morozova, she joined the Maastricht Conservatory, where she obtained a Bachelor in violin performance four years later. From then on and over the next two years, Nuez Suarez would perform regularly on stage across Europe and Asia, and notably became the first classical artist to perform at the Gala de Charité Cinémoi in Cannes in the 1970s. .e Cannes Film Festival in 2017, for the benefit of Children Uniting Nations.

In 2019, she was one of only two musicians to receive support from a leading scholarship program from La Caixa Foundation, Spain, which proved to be a unique opportunity for her to continue her graduate studies. at the Royal College of Music, London.

After years of experience in academia and the world of higher education, Nuez Suarez said her concern for educational inequality was an issue she felt deeply, as she was keen to recognize to what extent the possibility of developing one’s profession has indeed been the result of the life-changing opportunities offered by his education. It is now too early to know if serious activism on this front will become a stronger part of his career in the years to come, but one thing is certain: Rebeca Nuez Suarez is here to stay, and with her presence, new ideas. will continue to thrive in the world of classical music.

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