Quotes that prove the power of the genre


While country music doesn’t need a day or a date to be recognized, every year on September 17, we celebrate International Country Music Day. Whether you like this genre or not, this day encourages us to take out the banjo, the violin or the steel guitar, and play some tunes.

Country music has its origins here in America. In the early 1900s, the roots of country music germinated in the southern Appalachians. Although Victor Records produced the first country record with singer Eck Robertson, it was Jimmie Rodgers who earned the name “Father of Country Music“.

Rodger’s song “Blue Yodel # 1” sold over a million copies in 1927, propelling him to stardom. In the 1930s and 1940s, cowboy movies starring Roy Rogers and Gene Autry fanned the flames of country music.

Decades later, the genre remains strong and boasts a breeding ground of talented singers and songwriters, including Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban and many more.

So, on this happy day, let’s read some quotes that prove the power of country music.

1) If you speak badly about country music, it’s like speaking badly about my mom. These are fighting words. – Dolly parton

2) Everyone has their favorite sad songs. It’s part of what I love so much about country music. Country music is never afraid to accompany a sad song. -Chris Young

3) Emotions, love, breakup, love and hate and death and dying, mom, apple pie, and all that. It covers a lot of territory, country music does. – Johnny Cash

4) Country music is completely punk rock. It’s the original punk rock. – Neko case

5) If you want me to be in the Hall of Fame put me in because of some of the contributions I’ve made to country music. -Buck Owens

6) I think there is enough room in country music for everyone – Charley Pride

7) My definition of country music is really quite simple. It’s when someone sings about their life and what they know, from an authentic place. – Taylor Swift

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