Pakistani-born world/pop ambassador Mahmood Khan is setting up a new musical genre in Australia and beyond


It’s not every day that you hear about a new musical genre being launched with a bit of fan fair and that too in Australia. Ballina will become the first city in the world to host a global/pop event on October 28. Genre ambassador Mahmood Khan is known for his number one Aria Charting song “Like the River” which was recorded live at the Sydney Opera House, his number one Billboard album recorded with the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra, and his series of several songs on iTunes US projecting him as the most international Australian artist of all time.

“I’m truly honored to have had this opportunity. I feel like my years of hard work have paid off. Now I can directly interact and communicate musically with an intimate audience and share an experience in this beautiful part of the world that is surprisingly similar to the region of Northern California, the Sausalito region that was also the birthplace of the next Jerry Garcia,” he says.

“My job is to plant a new sound a bit like Paul Simon meets the Eagles with Brazilian beats, a bit of the grateful dead, Tom Petty and ELO and those blue grass tones with a lot of the vibe of good -being from Black America fused with my Pakistani heritage and the Mexican accents I was exposed to in Los Angeles is what it will look like. Then building an audience around that sound from scratch and shooting a documentary about the experience is really fascinating.

Acclaimed Australian music artist Mahmood Khan followed the success of his latest EP ‘Under the Stars’, which featured Innocence, an international hit that charted in the US Top 15 on iTunes, along with Blue Snow. The new version is a stripped-down contemporary folk-pop song featuring all the elements Mahmood Khan fans will recognize – the evocative vocal performance, the well-formed melodic lines and structures, and the insightful, spiritually-appropriate lyrical explorations. What sets Blue Snow apart from some of Mahmood’s other musical journeys is perhaps its combination of frailty and shrewd determination. When Mahmood intones, “It will eventually happen, it’s only a matter of time / It’s our want and our need / Nothing can change our minds”, the breadth and depth of his certainty are as soothing as the lullaby charm of the soft cadences of the music. Added to this is a particularly prominent bass guitar part, which not only acts as a subtle but driving rhythmic impulse, but echoes another dimension of the track; its sense of a blissful dream state, with the added function of visual ‘blue snow’ doing the work of a symbolic and metaphorical nature. Mahmood’s vocal performance is another point of difference. Despite maintaining its typically impassioned style, Blue Snow’s melodic formation and decisive lyrics allow it to communicate the overall feeling of the song in a more relaxed and essential way, as if it were transmitted to us at the very moment of its design. It has a delicate urgency that, when intertwined with acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass and other sonic textures, becomes a tribute to open-mindedness; his free-flowing, self-contained observations, such as “People like you are made to get a little stronger,” working on a personal and universal level. Blue Snow is not so much an introspection as a discovery of the soul, a revelation of love, but a deliberation that reveals an otherworldly enlightened form that such earthly affirmations initiate for those willing to accept it and recognize it.

ARIA End of Decade Australian Singles Chart features notable and familiar names including Gotye, Vance Joy, Sheppard, 5 Seconds of Summer and Guy Sebastian and its focus is definitely on sales numbers and the sustained power of the artist profile , sales ability and the song in particular, but there’s still a whole sub-layer of lesser-known musical artists who have made an impact on the charts, both in Australia and around the world, but who are rarely recognized or duly cited. One of these artists is the famous Australian musician of Pakistani origin Mahmood Khan.

Mahmood has not only defied the odds and expectations to achieve an unparalleled level of enduring success in the music business, including the world’s most lucrative music market – the United States, but the multi-talented musician based in Sydney has now been officially recognized as one of the highest charting Australian artists of all time.

Of course, Khan is no stranger to chart impact, as his resume reveals, paving the way for a music career that includes his enduring recordings with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, reaching the top five of the USA iTunes Jazz charts. and having no less than six songs in the iTunes USA top 100 in April 2021, with his #1 Billboard Classical Crossover hit Mahmood Khan with the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra. But the past two years have been even busier for Khan. In May 2021, his jazz-inspired album Imaginary friend topped the US iTunes charts and the track Jahan Tu Nahin rose to number 18 on the Billboard World Music Charts.

Not only does his story reveal an astonishing breadth and depth of experience and accomplishment, but his sense of entrepreneurship also positions him as a highly inventive and resourceful singular artist with an observant and intuitive eye for the future of production. music and accessibility. Mahmood’s most recent chart hit is Wings, his tribute to musical legend Dan Warner. But Mahmood is such a prolific artist that his chart-impacting history is constantly being rewritten, and with the nature of the charts and record releases that identify the music industry today, it’s a history that is updated almost in real time.

For example, this week, two older tracks from Mahmood’s music catalog, Jagamarra and Sydney, hit the top 10 on the iTunes USA Classical charts. It’s not only an incredible feat for any Australian musical artist, but it’s even more impressive when you consider that Mahmood is generally known for writing gripping and poignant global pop songs. Not only do his releases touch multiple territories, but they also span a mix of genres. Listing all the songs that propelled Mahmood’s name into the history books would take up a lot of space, but naming a few would reveal the true scope of this indelible musician’s accomplishments.

These included Blue Snow, Innocence, The Battle is Up, Imaginary friend, Small bed, Chel Drup EP, Jahan you nahi and Imaginary friend EP. There are certain periods where Mahmood had multiple tracks including April of this year with six songs including Ginnon, One line down, carousel, carousel, Tere oper chaon, dinner jagay appearing in the top 10.

There are also albums that went to number one, including Mahmood’s work with the Willoughby Symphony and his album Tere Baghair, landing an incredibly coveted No. 1 spot on the iTunes USA chart. There are also record impacts, including ginoo becoming the first Urdu song in history to crack the Billboard charts and the rides chart with two different versions on the commercial and independent charts.

Mahmood Khan may not have the profile of some of Australia’s most successful artists, but his name will forever be synonymous with Australian music history, the silent chart maker who will no doubt go on to create songs that resonate with audiences here and around the world.

One of today’s most important and award-winning world music artists, Mahmood Khan, is set to rewrite the history books with a unique and exclusive live performance in Ballina, the heart of the Northern Rivers region of NSW on October 28. at Resonator Music.

When Mahmood was granted citizenship by the Australian government in recognition of his contribution to the music industry, following the stunning success of Mahmood’s number one ARIA song, Like the River, recorded live at the Sydney Opera House, it helped transform his career.

More success followed, with Mahmood being recognized as the first artist of Asian descent to top the Billboard charts in the classical genre with the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra, the only Asian artist to record a live album at the Opera House in Sydney and declared National Asset and Pride. of Pakistan in 2020.

But his musical virtuosity has also had a global impact, reaching number one status on iTunes in France, the UK, the US, Australia, Mexico, Turkey and Switzerland. Mahmood’s path to incredible success began when he first heard the Bee Gees, whose sound and songs made an indelible impression on him. In 1985, he moved to Los Angeles and found work as a sound engineer at Jam Power Productions. The production company primarily focused on the R&B, Jazz, Funk and Hip-Hop genres and later recorded some of the biggest hits of the 1990s including Coolio’s Gangster’s Paradise which was recorded at Echo Sound Studios in Los Angeles. .

Mahmood worked at Jam Power for the next twelve years, citing his production assistant and engineering work as a crucial stepping stone and high point in his career. He worked in the same studio Tom Petty, Kenny Rogers, Richard Marx, Quincy Jones, Keith Olsen, Ray Parker Jr, George Tobin, Gary Grant and Chuckii Booker among many others, regularly recorded. For nearly two decades, Mahmood has been surrounded by some of the world’s greatest contemporary music makers. Their knowledge and expertise obviously rubbed off, beginning a sustained period of creative growth and productivity.

Now Mahmood is ready to reveal another side of his remarkable vision – a live performance like no other, a true behind-the-scenes experience of the fruition of Australia’s new musical genre taking flight in the Northern Rivers.

Audiences will not only be exposed to a new emerging genre named ‘World/pop’ – is defined as a fusion of global sensibilities with American funk influences mixed with a taste of South American rhythm, touched by Bluegrass and country with pop . – sound melodies – but processed for a first-hand look at all the magic and mechanics of filming a musical event, with the show being taped for a special TV presentation. The performance will also include the opportunity to interact and engage with Mahmood and his six-piece band.

Playing songs that span the span of his career, including hits Ginoo, Agar, Merry Go Round, One Line Down and Blue Snow – which just skyrocketed into the US iTunes Top Ten – the event history promises to be uplifting and rejuvenating as Mahmood takes audiences on a deep dive into the musical culture of specialness and peace.

The upcoming show is thirty-five years in the making, showcasing Australia’s diversity and shining a spotlight on one of the Australian music scene‘s most remarkable songwriting and production enigmas, Mahmood Khan.


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