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Their name might be a little unusual, but their music certainly isn’t. The USP of Masala Coffee is that the members were previously independent musicians, each with their own unique style of music, before becoming one. Speaking to the Bangalore Times, Sooraj Santhosh, lead singer of the group, said, “As a group, we don’t play any particular genre. So when we had to come up with a name, we thought why not Masala Coffee.

The group, while popular for their alternative folk rock, doesn’t like to be labeled as such. “We all have different musical influences and come from different musical backgrounds. We don’t play any particular genre. We do covers and also play originals. So most of our originals contain elements of alternative folk rock music, ”says Sooraj, adding that having different musical tastes works for the band. “It’s always good to be open and listen to all genres because it adds value to our music,” he adds.

Ask him about the country’s current folk music scene and you can feel the excitement in Sooraj’s voice. He thinks that the current folk music scene in the country is very bright. “There are a lot of folk genre projects coming up. In South India in particular, there are a lot of artists who make great music. Folk music is the basis of all musical genres. It has always existed and has always been relevant. The kind of experience that’s going on in this field, the number of artists coming in – it’s heartwarming to see all of this, ”says Sooraj, adding that being a freelance artist has its own advantages.

Ask him about the band’s date with the Tamil film industry and Sooraj says, “When you’re a freelance artist, you can create your own stuff. However, working on Uriyadi was a different and enjoyable experience. Every moment was different. We’re used to doing our own thing, so when we had to go through a certain process it was pretty nice. How did life change after the band composed music for Uriyadi? “In a way, our music reached a wider audience and that opened up many avenues for us,” says Sooraj. In addition to the concerts, the group is currently working on their debut album featuring 10 to 12 original songs, with the first song due out by the end of the year. “In addition to that, we also collaborate with different artists and have another film in the works,” Sooraj sums up.

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