Mickey Guyton on change and inclusion in country music: ‘We have such a long way to go’ | New


The country music landscape has become more inclusive over the past decade as powerful voices have used their platforms to advocate for equality and positive social change. Despite the significant change, Mickey Guyton believes the genre still has “such a long way to go”.

The “Remember Her Name” singer joined Apple Music’s Fancy Hagood on Pioneer Radio for an in-depth discussion on change and inclusion in the city of music.

While many black musicians like Jimmie Allen, Blanco Brown, BRELAND, Reyna Roberts, Brittney Spencer and more have fearlessly claimed their space in Nashville, Guyton thinks one seat at the table just isn’t enough. She emphasized that new conversations need to unfold as a whole to continue to evolve.

“I realized that change really starts with us, and we’ve been in this city for a very, very long time. And yes, our existence is enough. Our existence and our will to be in this city which is so difficult, it’s is so important. It’s protests in themselves. But then I realized for years that we had the same conversations and so many closed doors and rooms,” she told the outlet. “They don’t support us. They don’t do that. And yet not much has changed. I think so, there is change, but there is still… We have such a long way to go.”

The singer acknowledged that “change” is like a domino effect and has to start with one person.

“I realize change starts with us. It starts with me. It starts with you. It starts with this whole industry, whether you’re gay, straight, white, black, Latino, whatever,” she said. . “It starts with all of us. And all of us are, in order for us to really see change, we’re going to have to stick together to make sure that happens.”

Guyton continued to reflect on a central memory that inspired her to keep fighting for equal representation.

“I have to say the change in me happened, really, because I saw the LGBTQIA+ community. That’s where I got a lot of my strength. If you want me to be perfectly honest i went to this black tie event in dallas, and i hung out with lance bass from nsync and billy porter i remember sitting there and seeing that the only reason it’s like that’s because you decided to live outwardly and live your truth and be proud of exactly who you are,” she said. “Country music is famous for sure. So we’ll just add. We’re coming to the party…this is the party I want to be at.”

Although the country music scene still needs progress, it remembered a beautiful moment at the 2022 ACM Awards. by Nancy Sinatra from 1966 written by Lee Hazelwood. In 2021, TJ Osborne became the first openly gay musician signed to a major country label.

“I was at the ACMs this year. Oh my God. I just finished watching Brittney Spencer perform with Brothers Osborne,” Guyton shared. “And I remember we were backstage and we took a picture together. It was me, it was TJ, Brooke Eden and Reyna Roberts. And I was like, the future is so bright. is so brilliant.”

After the 2022 ACM Awards, cross-country star BRELAND sold out Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium with a star-studded benefit concert. “Breland & Friends” featured a diverse group of big names in the industry banding together to help the Oasis Center, an organization that helps young people in crisis. Guyton was one of many involved in this eye-opening affair.

“It was such a powerful moment of togetherness. I’ve had so many hit country artists who aren’t vocal all the time come up to me privately and say, ‘Thank you for saying something, because that’s what we need. And we did ‘I don’t necessarily know how to get it,'” she explained. “It’s so much easier to be happy than to be angry. And those people who are angry with the change and unhappy with the change, they’re going to look and see these happy and loving people and together and say, ‘Well, I want to be a part of this. Who doesn’t want to be a part of love and inclusion? That does not mean, of course, that it is nothing more. There is no other agenda than love and inclusion. And I think that’s so powerful.”


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