Media Falsely Report Sam Hunt/Hannah Fowler Divorce Withdrawal


In a story that Saving Country Music was painstakingly trying to avoid, Sam Hunt’s wife Hannah Fowler filed for divorce on Friday, February 18, alleging the “country” star’s infidelity – specifically that he was “guilty of improper marital conduct” and “guilty of adultery.” Fowler is seeking spousal support, child support and primary custody of their currently unborn child whom Fowler is expected to give birth in May.

Hannah Fowler filed official paperwork for the divorce with the Davidson County court system on Friday (2-18), which covers much of the Nashville metro area. However, since that is not where one or the two main members involved in the divorce live, this initial filing was withdrawn shortly after it was filed at 2:15 p.m. Friday and replaced with a “Notice of voluntary dismissal”.

When tabloid release We Weekly and others learned of the withdrawal, they promptly reported on Tuesday, February 22, that Sam Hunt’s wife had changed her mind and was not seeking a divorce at all. Coming soon, dozens of other outlets, including FoxNews, Daily mail, TMZ, entertainment tonightand many national media, including taste of country, CMTand The boot also reported that Hannah Fowler has withdrawn her divorce petition.

However, this is only part of the story. Hannah Fowler withdrew her divorce petition only to turn around and refile it in the proper Williamson County jurisdiction, which covers areas south and west of Nashville proper, including communities such as Franklin, where many country artists live. Also, the original Davidson County divorce filing read “In Williamson County Chancery Court,” so there was a paper trail tracing the filing of the divorce to Williamson County.

Saving Country Music was able to confirm with the Williamson Country Chancery Court that Sam Hunt’s divorce is indeed still pending, only in the court system of Williamson County, Tennessee, and not Davidson County. The court also issued a legal restraining order against Sam Hunt. See all documents below.

Although Sam Hunt and Hannah Fowler’s divorce appears to be a personal matter, this is another public case where the media fails to verify sources and simply repeats other media’s reports, spreading false information as a powder trail. Only whiskey riff at the time of this post had deduced the error, and posted the correct information.

Find the documents for the divorce below.


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