Local rock band ‘Saintes’ will feature in Sheffield Music Trail.


Sheffield rock band ‘Saintes’ are set for a fantastic return to the Washington pub during the Sheffield Music Trails in preparation for the release of their next album.

Sheffield Music Trails 2022 takes place on Saturday 2nd April. It’s a free all-day music festival at a variety of independent venues that takes music lovers on a city tour while listening to South Yorkshire’s best musical talent.

The same day at 3 p.m., at the Washington on Fitzwilliam Street, Saintes will play.

Saintes are a gritty glam rock band well established in the South Yorkshire music scene, having backed artists like tempest, Sunglasses for Jaws and Creeping Jean at many top venues across Sheffield.

Photo credit: Bobbie Mercury (Not Fade Away)

The group of four described their style via their Spotify as “honing an explosive live show with equal measure of Rock ‘n’ Roll madness and heartfelt ballads. Their first outing of a live session of a fan favourite.

The group is composed of Will Kitching the singer, Benji Wilson the drummer, Toby Hill on bass and Remi Dinnigan who is their guitarist. They have been together for just under two years now.

Will Kitching, 25, said: ‘We played Sidney and Matilda a few weeks ago which was a huge gig for us and everyone turned up we were asked to play this show by a guy who works at Washy…he’s one of them. where if there are 30 people in there, it’s like you’re playing Infront of 200!

The band don’t often do gigs for promoters but were won over by the guy who works in Washington (“Washy”) and their love for the local venue.

Will said: “Since we started working in Saintes, we’ve always gone to a venue we love, booked it, and then arranged for bands and artists to play that we think are good and deserve a chance and made the event our own thing. by decorating the scene and going the extra mile.

The band are booked to perform at the 500-capacity Crookes Social Club on June 11 and their big album titled “OTGIA” which stands for “Out To Get It All” is out on May 27.

But the group had a difficult start.

Will said: “Me and Remi started writing together in early 2019, we were both in other bands and I asked him to start working with me and he said no so I had to begging him to be an artist for me because I’ve always been a bit of a cracker.

Their last song on their new album is “The Trap (that keep you close)” is now available on YouTube.

The day is organized by The Leadmill as part of the Summer in the Outdoor City events program with Sheffield County Council and no gender is banned, meet in Saintes at 3pm on the day.

The program of the day.

1 p.m. – Anya-Lace & beautiful obsession in frog and parrot
2 p.m. – Electrophonic Studio at The Fly Tower (Abbeydale Picture House)
2 p.m. – haggard cat at Company
2 p.m. – Abbie Ozard at Yellow Arch Studios
3 p.m. – Saints in Washington
3 p.m. – Nik Colk Empty in DINA
4 p.m. – Ivan Campo to Dorothy Pax
4 p.m. – Jonny Brown (Twisted Wheel) & voodoo bandits at Sidney and Mathilde
4 p.m. – banjo jeans at Cafe #9
5 p.m. – Juice at Delicious Clam
5 p.m. – Norskov around the corner from Cole
5 p.m. – Perfectparachutepicture at West Street Live
6 p.m. – Your boy Kiran at Bal Fashions
6 p.m. – Valencia Grace at Gatsby
6 p.m. – Sticky pockets at the corner of the bargain
7 p.m. – Harrison BDP & CD-J in the field 22
7 p.m. – Audio RC1 at Dryade Works
7 p.m. – Kawala, Bedroom High Club, Youth Sector & Tom A. Smith at the lead factory
8 p.m. – Zuli at HopeWorks


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