Improvements to Country Music Boulevard in Branson, Missouri begin January 5


BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) – New upgrades to Branson’s Gang will begin on January 5th.

The upgrades will extend from the Presley Theater to the last entrance of the Ferris wheel. The 76 Entertainment Community Improvement District signed an agreement to pay the funds needed by the city to pay local utility companies to bury power lines along the strip.

“This is a partnership between CID, the City of Branson and the Engineering Department that will also oversee,” said Assistant Engineer Michael Woods of Branson Public Works and Engineering. The contract is for $ 1.7 million.

“Visually it’s important to be attractive and create a sense of belonging for our customers, so removing these power lines will help us do other things in this hallway,” said Gail Myer, president of 76 Community Improvement District.

Myer says this includes adding lighting, landscaping, and sidewalks to make the area more walkable. He says the first underground work has already been done, but the power lines need to be relocated.

“The desire is to minimize disruption for businesses. This is why the project is carried out in winter, ”Myer said.

“We have people on the streets working with businesses to let them know which entrances and exits will be open or closed and how we can mitigate that,” Woods said.

Woods says the improvements will have very minimal impact on traffic.

“Any change will be moved to the center lane with barricades similar to the phases we did,” Woods said.

He says visitors will soon be able to walk across the Strip without the many horrors of power lines.

“As you see in these pictures the look of the gang kind of stopped there and now we’re going to watch it all go underground and we were going to come back and set up some of the walking trails and wow factors.” , Woods said. .

“It is extremely rewarding and extremely exciting for the community to see this start to happen,” Myer said.

The project is expected to be completed in late spring, between March and April.

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