“I haven’t fallen in love with Indian classical music yet”


Music is a universal language – it’s something percussionist and vocalist Liron Meyu strongly believes in. The event was meant to celebrate 30 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and India.

A hang drum is an instrument created 22 years ago by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer from Switzerland. Meyuhas saw him on the streets of Jerusalem 17 years ago.

Liron Meyuhas is Israel’s first female hanging drum artist (Photo: Shadab Raza/HT Photo)

How do you learn a relatively new instrument like the hang drum? You just figured it out. Or at least that’s what Meyuhas did. She combined her knowledge of percussion and instructions from the creators to create her own unique style.

Meyuhas, whose name translates to “my joy and my song”, says the audience in Mumbai was very young, while those in MP were more relaxed. “Even though the language was a barrier, they understood the energy of the sounds. I felt like I was touching two different things [types of] audience in India,” she shares.

While listening to the music of the late composer-sitarist Pandit Ravi Shankar and tabla maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain, Meyuhas has yet to “fall in love with traditional Indian music.” “But when it does, it will be big,” she adds. She would also like to play with sitarist Anushka Shankar. Moreover, she would like to mix her style with those of Bollywood musicians to create something unique.

Meyuhas plays multiple instruments including West African drums, frame drum, piano, guitar, etc. When asked if the Indian tabla was anywhere on her list of instruments to learn, she replied, “If I want to study the tabla, I will need to stay and learn from a master, for at least a month. I do not have


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