How can online casino businesses prove they are trustworthy?


Confidence has never been more important in business.

We live in a world that is both hyper-connected and more mysterious than ever. You can go shopping with someone halfway around the world, but never quite sure it’s them. Confidence has become a building block imperative for business of all shapes and sizes, in a number of industries.

Perhaps no industry enjoys the trust of consumers as much as online gambling. The industry itself is somewhat of a mystery, with many players seeing lack of understanding or faith as a barrier preventing them from playing classic games. To overcome this hurdle, online casinos must find new ways to demonstrate that they are trustworthy entities that new and existing players can be sure to share their money with.

In this article, we’ll outline some of the ways online casinos can gain the trust of regular consumers and show they are up to the task.

Get featured in review blogs

The game can have benefited significantly from the technological revolution, but the old-fashioned promotional tips are just as important to this industry.

A promotional strategy that combines old media tactics with new media exposure is a great way to cover your bases when trying to build trust with multiple audience groups.

Getting featured in industry relevant online blogs, player guides, and online reviews can help increase your visibility as a casino and solidify you as a safe site to use in one fell swoop. These blogs may have a smaller reach than national outlets, but they have a loyal and active reader base who are ready to take their advice and recommendations.

Affiliate sites are another great way to go. Get your brand new online casino featured alongside industry leaders in a collection or detailed review is a great way to build trust by association. These pieces often review special features and ease of use, allowing potential players to compare and contrast. If your serves are up to par, you’ll gain a ton of new players.

Rather than building confidence in yourself, why not let someone else do it?

Present the user experience

How can you expect someone to trust an experience they’ve never seen.

Giving users insight into what to expect has become an important part of any online industry. Netflix’s free trials not only give users the chance to get addicted to the content, it shows them that there is nothing to fear and that the service is just as impressive as they heard it be.

Now, we are not suggesting offering free trials (although free spins are an important marketing tactic). However, including insight into the user experience can dramatically improve trust in your brand.

This can be achieved through customer testimonials, great content featuring screenshots, and inventive video content that doesn’t insult the user’s intelligence.

Promote security functions

Security is a crucial part of trust. If players don’t feel safe in your casinos, they won’t trust you enough to deposit money and play.

It is not enough to have the essential security features of a website (a SSL certificate, for example). You need to make your commitment to safety a strong part of your marketing and web design.

Make players feel safe when using your serve. Show the many payment options you offer to players, whether classic like PayPal or more unique like Bitcoin. This strain allows potential players to feel secure.

Be proud of your licenses and certificates. Display them on your website, alongside any recommendations or industry awards you may have earned. While a business license may not seem like anything special to you, it completely sets you apart from cowboy websites and earns you those attentive players who can make a difference.

Signs of a bad online casino

Finally, we’ve included a list of potential “red flags” that you should look for on your site.

These are the same things that will raise eyebrows and concerns among potential players. Much of what is mentioned will be consistent with what we have discussed throughout this article. While there are many great online casinos out there, it is always important to be vigilant, especially when real money is at stake.

Beware of casinos:

  • Do not show user reviews
  • Do not list an authentic address
  • Do not include contact information (At least two forms)
  • Do not offer a variety of games

Trust is the most important thing you need to establish when running an online casino.

Unique deals, deals, and games are important in attracting customers, but none of them will stick around if they can’t trust you. Take the time to analyze your website and look for ways to become a more trustworthy entity.


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