Here is what music students listen to the most at Ping


There are only two things that are absolutely necessary for a successful visit to the Ping Recreation Center: a pair of headphones and the right kind of music. Well, a bottle of water wouldn’t hurt either. While music is a necessity, it begs the question: what kind of music is best suited to get you in the mood for exercise? After visiting Ping’s padded rubber floors, we have some answers to this question.

Research shows that genres of music with a constant and high BPM (beats per minute) rate are best suited for training. However, not all genres with a high BPM are created equal when it comes to the type of exercise one does. For example, when running, the BPM rate of rap or hip hop music encourages the body to match its respiratory response to the music, helping you keep a steady pace as you pound the pavement. For strength training, like lifting weights, dancing or pop music is actually best suited to help you get through that last repetition.

Andrew Le, a freshman in the biological sciences, said he enjoyed listening to rap music the most while lifting.

“The general nature of rap lyrics is open to interpretation,” Le said. “It motivates me to work hard to achieve my own specific goals. ”

Similar to Le, Taylor Brown, a sophomore criminology student, also listens to rap in the gym, saying that “this is upbeat and gives [her] a good pace to help him stick to his workout.

Nolan Kozub, a freshman in communications, holds four status registers in Ohio for powerlifting. He said he listened to classical instrumentals or piano during the competition to “calm his nerves before a big lift”. He also listens to rap and EDM on occasion, but mostly sticks to classical because he “always liked that kind of music.”

Caila Maronde, a junior student company, also agreed with the majority that rap keeps her motivated when she’s in the gym, but sometimes she likes to listen to R&B instead, because “it’s more personal music.” and the ‘most relevant genre for [her]. ”

After personally talking to our Bobcats about their gym listening habits, we conducted a word-of-mouth survey to better gauge the most popular genre of music at Ping. After talking to 50 people, 32% listened to rap, 24% rocked heavy metal, 22% listened to pop, 6% jammed classic rock, 6% listened to alternative rock, 4% chose techno / EDM, 4% kept it light with classical / instrumental music and 2% listened to punk rock.

Now that you’ve heard from your fellow Bobcats and recent studies, go update your exercise playlist and consider including some of the genres mentioned earlier. If you don’t already have one, you now have all the information you need to create one that’s right for your training needs.

Most importantly, always make sure you have your headphones on before going outside to avoid that devastating awareness when you get to Ping. Again, water can also be seen as important, so do your best to remember that as well. After the headphones, of course.

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