Fancy Hagood and Elton John chat with Kacey Musgraves about the underrepresented country music community | New


Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Fancy Hagood is a proud member of the LGBTQ country music community. He recently sat down with LGBTQ icon Elton John during his Rocket Hour on Apple Music 1 to discuss Kacey Musgraves and underrepresented voices in country music.

Hagood jokes that the only reason Musgraves performed “Blue Dream Baby” with him is that he has “a lot of dirt on her” and bribed her to do it.

“No, just kidding,” he told John. “Kacey and I are good friends, living right here in Nashville and working in the music industry. We’ve been friends for a long time and have run in the same circle.”

However, it wasn’t until the couple took a trip to pre-lockdown Cuba that they really bonded.

“Since then, we’ve shared a lot of music, what we create and what we write,” he said. “So I think it was just inevitable that something like this would happen. She’s such an icon in Nashville and around the world.

Both Hagood and Musgraves are champions of the LGBT community. Hagood’s Apple radio show is called Trailblazers Radio and focuses on people who challenge the norm in Nashville and open doors for artists who previously wouldn’t have been allowed into the countryside landscape.

“There are so many new things happening in Nashville,” he said. “I think there have been so many stories left out. And if Nashville is known for anything, it’s for storytelling. And I think there are so many stories that haven’t been told. And so Trailblazers Radio just spotlights artists who are breaking glass ceilings, and breaking the mold, and being who they authentically want to be.”

John and Hagood discussed Mickey Guyton, Brandi Carlile and others doing their best to support minority groups in the business.

“I think Mickey Guyton is such a fabulous queen,” he said. “What inspired me about Mickey is that she’s been in this town a long time, like a lot of us. And she’s having that moment. And the thing that I find most inspiring is that is that her talent has always been there. The thing is it’s so cool that her heart is on display because she brings in so many other artists that I’ve come to know (including) Brittney Spencer and Madeline Edwards. inspires to want to do this within my own community, within the queer community. To be able to kind of shine a light where it may not have been before.

Hagood said he knows the music industry is tough at times and he’s heard there’s only one seat at the table for someone like him. He also believes that this is not true.

“It’s easy to believe that when you’re in the thick of the action, but something I’ve learned is that the second you believe there’s only one seat, you gave away your seat,” he said. “And I think there are just as many seats at the table for everyone.”


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