Egwu Ekipili, the Igbo music genre, you didn’t know existed


The song was mainly used for the purpose of telling moonlight stories, wedding ceremonies, folklores.

With its roots traced to Anambra State, a large community in the eastern part of Nigeria, the ‘Egwu Ekpili’ was made popular at that time by Chief Akunwafor Ezigbo Obiligbo (the name may be familiar to you, this is because he was the grandfather of the current Umu Obiligbo, a man who is arguably known as the founder of the musical genre with his most popular song known as “Igba Ndi Eze”.

Over the years, Igbo Highlife Music has partially replaced it, with its pioneers like the great Osadebe, leader Emeka Morrocco Maduka and many others adding more instruments and sounds to complement the “Egwu Ekpili” and the adoption of Highlife Music.

Most of the pioneers of Igbo Highlife having died, the new generation of Igbo musicians tried to meet the current demands of the people, so they started to mix Egwu Ekpili and Igbo Highlife with the current HipHop (new trend) in their sounds, thus creating Hiplife.


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