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We spoke to some of our favorite artists about their favorite country music memories.

Russell Dickerson

Last version:Home Sweet” feat. Lady A

“Garth in Central Park has got to be one of the most inspiring moments of my career. I always want to be bigger and better than anyone, and this unique gig is what I set my sights on.

Photography: Courtesy of Spencer Combs

Carly Pearce

Last version: 29: Written in Stone

“Dolly’s Jolene record is one of my all-time favorites. There are so many songs on the album that show how timeless Dolly’s music is. There’s something so special about her lyricism and his way of making music that I have always admired!

Photography: Courtesy Allister Ann

Callie Twisselman

Last version: Closing

“One of my favorite country music moments was when Carrie Underwood and Dolly Parton performed ‘I Will Always Love You’ for Carrie’s An All-Star Vacation Special in 2009. They’re some of my favorite country girls, so seeing them sing that song together was such a cool moment.

Photography: Courtesy of Shelby Caitlin Photography

Adam Mac

Last release: “Make You Mine”

“Looking back on some of my favorite country music moments, without a doubt, the performance that will always stick in my mind is Reba’s 1993 CMA performance of ‘Does He Love You’ with Linda Davis. She wore that red dress iconic, and she completely owned this moment!

Photography: Courtesy Midtown Motion

Johnny Dailey

Last version: “24”

“I’ve had a lot of good times so far in country music, but I would say the one that stood out the most to me was opening for Old Dominion last year. I respect those guys in as songwriters and performers, so to go on the road with them was an honor.

Photography: Courtesy Kirsten Balani

Walker County

Last release: “Liar”

“One of our favorite country music moments was in 2002 at the CMA Awards! Shania Twain opened the show by riding a motorcycle on stage and then performed ‘I’m Gonna Getcha Good’! It was so hard to After that, we knew we wanted the opportunity to do something as cool as this one day!

Photography: Courtesy Shea Flynn

Brandon Lay

Last version: “Coming home”

“I grew up going to Busch Stadium to watch baseball games with my family once a summer. I don’t think my dad gave too much thought to the Trip Around the Sun tour we did with Kenny Chesney in 2018 until I told him we were playing there. In fact, I was the first country artist to play there, and all my extended family came. The icing on the cake was hanging out with Kenny and to make a song at the end of the night. The magic. What can I say except that it’s the kind of dream that makes you move to Nashville.

Photography: Courtesy of Brandon Lay

casi joy

Last release: “Winter Wonderland”

“One of my favorite moments in country music actually happened a few weeks ago when Brandi Carlile performed on Saturday Night Live. She is one of my biggest influences and I was obsessed with her new album! When Jason Sudekis announced it for the second time, I was so hoping she would play “Right on Time”, and I cried with my jaw on the floor the whole song. Her performance was so moving yet effortless, and I loved how we could really see how grateful she was to be there. performing on SNL is one of my greatest aspirations of all time, and it really set the bar for the greatest of all time!

Photography: courtesy Casi Joy

Photography: (Cover image) Courtesy of Shelby Caitlin Photography


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