Boot Scoot & Boogie with 90s Country Music Trivia with Eric Raines of KOKE FM


Our friend Eric Raines from KOKE FM joined Steph and Rosie to participate in a 90s country music trivia game. We love 90s country music on Studio 512, so we would love to have you join in for some fun and test your knowledge too ! If you want the questions and answers, take a look below!

If I’m driving in Georgia at the end of July on a day hot enough to make the devil cry, what am I going to do?
(The Watermelon Crawl) (Tracy Bird 1994)

Which group was “in a hurry to get things done” in 1992?

Who sang about “the centrifugal motion” and “perpetual happiness”. in his hit from 1998, a bonus point to name the song….
(Faith Hill, “That kiss”)

Help Tim McGraw finish these words …
I love him, I love him….
(I Want More) (Tim McGraw, 1995)

Kenny Chesney thinks his “what” is sexy?
(my tractor)
Bonus point if you know the year this song was released (1999)

Which country singer was “In Love With The Boy” in 1991?
(Trisha Yearwood)

The 14-year-old had a Billboard Hot 100 song for 69 weeks.
Who was it and what was the song?
(LeAnn Rimes, “How Can I”)

Who is going out tonight, feeling good and going to let it all hang out?
(Shania Twain- Man, I Feel Like a Woman, 1997)

In 1991, Garth Brooks was climbing the charts and did so in Ropin ‘the what?
(Ropin ‘The Wind) (Garth Brooks 1991)

In 1996, who left “All the lights in the house on”
Trace Adkins
(Bonus: Trace Adkins also sang the worst country song ever written (according to KoKo… what was it?)
(Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk, 2005)

You can watch Eric on KOKE FM at 99.3 or 98.5 FM or listen live online at


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