As the best musical genre on YouTube, hip-hop presents a vast publicity opportunity


Following the launch of audio announcements and music lineup late last year, YouTube recently announced that in Q4 2020, hip-hop was the most watched music genre on the platform. The video-sharing company also revealed that, for the same time period, hip-hop is the fastest of the three musical genres (hip-hop, pop, and rock) in the United States.

As hip-hop emerged as a dominant musical genre in the late 1970s, Nielsen’s 2017 American Music Year-End Report revealed that for the very first time, R & B / Hip-Hop had overtaken rock music as the most dominant musical genre in the United States. also found that the genre had inspired seven of the ten most consumed albums with growth fueled by “a 72% increase in on-demand audio streaming.”

Now YouTube is proving the power of hip-hop and expanding it with a huge advertising opportunity for brands to connect with consumers on the platform.

“Hip-hop is getting more and more savvy from streaming services and mainstream outlets, it’s maturing,” says Tuma Basa, director of black music and culture at YouTube. “The younger generation on YouTube is digital natives and the monetization generation – they figured out how to monetize their music, and there’s going to be a cumulative effect. “

Basa says hip-hop is a major driver of culture, and that culture thrives on YouTube where users meet from all over the world. As engagement around hip-hop increases, so does the advertising and monetization opportunities associated with the platform. Brands like Levi’s are already taking notice, he says.

YouTube also announced this week that the company is updating its advertising offerings to help advertisers on the platform more easily reach its fast-growing hip-hop fans and to support hip-hop music and artists. in the process.

More hip-hop artists, creators and YouTube channels have been added to YouTube Select Music Lineup, a series of content scheduling designed for advertisers that includes the most popular and relevant content across multiple categories such as fashion, music and sports on YouTube. This includes smart TVs, according to a YouTube spokesperson familiar with the matter, who says that in December 2020, the time spent watching music content typically on TV screens increased by more than 50% from a year ago. the other in the United States.

In addition, updates have also been made to the platform’s dynamic hip-hop music lineup. Dedicated bands of music-focused channels cover popular moods, genres like hip-hop, and interests like fitness to help reach music fans around the world. Basa explains that brands can buy the programming to run anti-music ads, reach out to hip-hop fans, and support hip-hop artists and creators on YouTube where they watch.


Vice President of Sales Adam Stewart, who is responsible for bringing the music opportunity on YouTube to advertisers around the world, said the platform allows brands to showcase “the hottest hip-hop musical moments. hot and most culturally relevant “.

“Hip-hop is a major driver of global culture today, and YouTube is at the heart of this engagement between artists and fans,” said Stewart. “It’s exciting that brands recognize the powerful opportunity to support underrepresented artists and creators with inclusive media marketing plans and strategies.

Earlier this year, YouTube launched the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund, a global, multi-year commitment to “center and develop black creators and artists” on the platform. The company has also added artists such as Rexx Life Raj, Myke Towers, Sho Madjozi, and Tkay Maidza from the Black Voices Class of 2021 to the existing dynamic music lineup that advertisers can purchase.


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